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Changhong (Hiina-Tsehhi)

Postitatud: 13:22, 13 Mai 2014
Postitas peeter3000
Hiina tootja tehasega Tsehhis.
Panen selle tootja kuna üllatavalt hea kvaliteedi ja Saksa testitulemustega.

The factory is located in the Industrial Zone of Nymburk city, 42 km east of Prague.
Its road network is well connected with European logistics system.
There are also 4 assembly lines which enable the factory to produce up to 1 million LCD TV's per year.
CHANGHONG is one of the world´s biggest LCD TV manufacturers. The mission of this company is to provide customers with the best technology, excellent quality and low prices. In 2005 CHANGHONG established its subsidiary CHANGHONG Europe and built a new factory in the Czech Republic.

Re: Changhong (Hiina-Tsehhi)

Postitatud: 13:26, 13 Mai 2014
Postitas peeter3000
-Changhong LED32C2200DS h al.200.- (testipunktid 1.5, väiksem parem)
-uus mudel Changhong LED50C2000IS h al. 500.- (test 1.6)
- UHD Changhong UHD55B6000IS h. al. 990.-